I love my job, I meet some really fantastic and interesting people and certainly no two days are the same in my life or the life of a Property Ventures Real Estate Salesperson.

In this game of property, I have a couple things that I try and do that are very valuable:

  1. Keeping ethical (at least trying to do the right thing) is so important, and
  2. Communicating well – asking the right questions and listening.

Taking the time to listen can just be so good for the property business, and people do like being heard so they like you to listen.

This is pretty normal and nothing special, but just in my last week I have seen or heard of the following five circumstances (and more):


A newer member of the team was doing an open home Thursday night and had a horrible incident (for her) with a tenant coming home in front of all the open home attendees making quite a scene. She somehow remained very calm, at least on the outside, calmed him down and found out what the problem was and what started as a very uncomfortable situation turned out well after a long chat with the tenant, and she even said he was a nice chap.


I was assisting a fairly new staff member to the business late Friday afternoon presenting a multi offer to a Vendor, which they accepted and asked if we wanted to share a wine to celebrate, to which I of course said yes.

We started talking openly and by the end of the glass of wine they gave us another property to sell – which we could think of a buyer for.

I love talking don’t get me wrong, but I am often the quiet one listening as well.  A sharp Real Estate salesperson is good at this, as long as they don’t lie about having a buyer.


I was talking (listening) to a prospective buyer on a property we have had for a while. It was waiting for the perfect buyer which these people ended up being.

They said they have been trying to buy a property for the last 18 months and they are sick of the larger Real Estate companies. I asked why, and they said they just hadn’t listened to what they required.

As it turns out it is a simple solution that no-one had bothered finding out about asked about, or perhaps just put it in the “too hard” pile. There are 5 of them wanting to buy, they are all using their Kiwi Saver to do the deal, it was as simple as them not knowing where to go. I have arranged an appointment with a very good Mortgage Broker and they should be able to sort it.

They just love the property, they they are really nice people and they just didn’t know where to start. If I didn’t ask the question they would still have no idea of what to do.


I was talking to a very experienced businessman mid week about something not related to running a business. I heard something he said that I further queried him on. To cut a long story short within the next ten minutes I listened to his wisdom, that has coincidentally changed our systems regarding invoicing and staff payments that will help all involved, paid staff and my admin staff.

You must put yourself out there for people to talk to you so you can listen, but do that by them wanting to talk to you and importantly ask the right questions, show them respect and they will talk.

Others talking and you listening creates opportunity, especially in the property field. There is so much to learn and so much opportunity. Never be afraid to ask a question, and give them a chance to answer it.

Remember that conversation is a two way street, talking and listening is imperative for communication and is beneficial for all involved.


My Tips for today:

  1. Never panic about a situation. You haven’t yet heard the facts or even had time to think about it.
  2. Don’t jump to conclusions, things are often not what they seem, and often not as bad.
  3. Listen to a situation and ask good questions, and again listen.

Have a happy relaxed but productive week.



Guest post by Mark Honeybone
Mark Honeybone is the Co founder and Buyers Agent of Property Ventures and is sought after by investors and agents alike for his ability to quickly analyse a deal and is regularly featured in the news and media as a property expert. Mark has a wealth of experience in Property Management, renovations, property finding, building portfolios, mentoring, seminars and joint ventures.


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